Our entry level simple sprayer kit including a 20L manual pressure sprayer and 2 x 5L EXTI-SAN.


You will be able to make up 1000L of dilution for general use or 500L for high level disinfection. 

No-mess-no-fuss disinfection. One cup of EXTI-SAN goes into the sprayer for general use. Adjust your dilution ratio according to need. 

EXTI-SAN (hydrogen peroxide) is SANS 51276 approved as a high-level pathogen destroyer, with a very short contact time required (5 minutes). 

Use for areas such as lawns, stables, pens, enclosures, feed rooms, foot paths, paving, AstroTurf, refuse areas, wheelie bins and more. EXTI-SAN works in the presence of organic material and is 100% safe to use without removing animals from the area. EXTI-SAN will not damage concrete the way traditional hydrogen peroxide does. 

Brand/appearance of 20L pressure sprayer may vary. 

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